‘You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true’

Ioana is a visual artist and independent curator based in The Netherlands. She has been exposed to art and culture at a young age, enrolling for the first 10 years at a school where everybody was either playing an instrument or was taking painting and sculpture classes, preparing for a study in the artistic field. Nevertheless she chose to become a scientist and started to photograph in her twenties, developing an own view on the world

In a recent interview she stated ‘I want to emphasize how enormously blessed I feel to have the camera in my life. Talking about photography I must admit that I feel a strong alter ego in my work, on one hand aiming to raise awareness around the questionable belief of having achieved a high level of civilization in the Western world, compared to the old cultures, and to promote more humbleness and less superficiality. Other ongoing projects aim to touch upon speciesism and the way we humans have reduced other beings to being our slaves instead of living with each other, since there is no superiority of mankind in my opinion. Along with that I love working with portraiture and fine art, still lives with a twist and from time to time with experimental photography’

The long-term documentary activistic series will most probably continue as a photographic research meant to become her graduation project at the Photo Academy of Amsterdam. Along with that she enjoys fine art projects, being quite obsessed with the Japanese photography. She is also fascinated by the Dutch Old Masters and certain early 20th century art movements, mostly using natural light in a studio which is not far from the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam, with the same light incidence and richness of light coming from north facing windows

Along with being an autonomous photographer she decided to focus more on independent curatorial work in photography, using the experience that she has already acquired in different curatorial projects over the past years and the organizational skills from a career in a highly professional, non-artistic field. In the near future she will join a master curatorial studies to finetune her skills and vision on a progressive way of curating photography and connecting the dots between art and the strong message that the visual material can convey